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Chapter 14

‘Right, let's go and have a word with the foreman.’

‘What, now?!’ exclaimed Creamy alarmed at the prospect of work on an empty stomach.

‘Why not now? I think it's a perfect time to ask a favour. Just look at them sitting there laughing, happy after they have fed. Come along, let's go,’ said Lennie and set off briskly down the road. Creamy dragged himself to his feet muttering under his breath, and padded slowly behind.

The workmen turned and stared as the two friends drew close. Lennie stopped in front of the foreman and smiled. ‘Excuse me, sir, I'd like to ask you a favour.’

‘Well, if you're after a juicy bone, then sorry, but nothing doing,’ said the foreman, brushing the crumbs off his moustache and raising a cup of tea to his lips.

‘No, no, it's not about that, it's about a job. We need a job, and I thought you might have one for us. My friend here’, he went on, turning round to point to Creamy, ‘Oh, sorry! He's actually over there, saying hello to the rabbit,’ he added, smiling apologetically, and waving to Creamy to come over.

Creamy gave the rabbit a final pat on the head and rushed up to Lennie. ‘Sorry, I was just…’ he stammered.

‘Yes, yes, never mind. Now, as I was saying,’ said Lennie looking up at the foreman,’ my friend is big and strong, as you can see. He could easily manage the drill, while I could do the digging.’

The foreman stared at Creamy, looking him up and down. ‘Mmm, yes, he is big, but has he any experience of this kind of work?’

‘No, but…’ said Lennie.

‘Yes,’ said Creamy.

The foreman looked from one to the other.

‘So which is it: yes or no?’

‘Well, sir,’ said Lennie hastily before Creamy could open his mouth again, ‘what my friend meant was …. well, to put it in a nutshell, my friend feels he can easily work the drill.’

Creamy smiled and raised his arms. ‘See those muscles?’ he asked.

The foreman jumped back a bit. ‘Yes, yes, I can see them,’ he exclaimed.

For a while, the foreman stood looking at Creamy in silence. Then he spoke: ‘I'll tell you what. ‘I'll give you two a chance.’

‘That's very kind of you, sir,’ said Lennie.

‘To tell you the truth, it suits me fine to have more hands on the job,’ said the foreman. ‘Or rather more paws, hehehe!’ he added laughing.

‘Hehehe!’ Lennie laughed back politely.

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