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Chapter 15

Creamy saw it: there, lying next to some spades, was a large shiny drill. His eyes lit up. Dropping the ear muffs, he rushed up the side of the heap and swooped down on the drill.

‘Look, Lennie, look! I can lift it with one hand!’ he cried, waving the drill around and laughing.

‘Put it back, Creamy! Don't start doing anything till you've got your ear muffs on. Come right down and get them.’

Creamy bounded back to Lennie, face wreathed in smiles, eyes shining at the thought of using the drill, for Creamy was a big fan of gadgets of every kind, and this looked to him like the biggest gadget of them all. He could hardly contain himself.

‘Hurry up, I really want to get started!’ he urged Lennie, almost dancing in his excitement. ‘Give me those muffs, quick!’

Lennie stared at him suspiciously. ‘You do realise this is going to be hard work, Creamy, not just fun.’

‘Yes, yes, sure. Now let me get these things on my head,’ and he snatched the ear muffs out of Lennie's paws. ‘Now then, let me see – which way up do they go?’ he muttered trying to pull them over his head.

Lennie burst out laughing. ‘Sorry, Creamy, but you do look funny!’

‘Oh? Well, it's a lot easier for you, with your big ears. If you ask me, either these things are too big, or my ears are too small, or something,’ grumbled Creamy as the muffs kept slipping down his nose.

‘Here, let me,’ said Lennie, taking the muffs from Creamy, ‘I'll fix them for you. Sit down for a moment, as I can't reach up so high.’

Creamy sat down, fidgeting a little as Lennie kept trying to fix the muffs over his ears.

‘You know what?’ said Lennie in the end, ‘you might be right, Creamy, these muffs are not really for you. I suppose they aren't made for somebody with ears on top of his head. Still, we'll just have to be clever about it…. Ah! That's better. Here is a button – now, let's see if this helps.’

‘Let me, let me! I'm good with buttons,’ cried Creamy.

‘Keep still, I've almost got it now. If you could bend your head just a little – there! The muffs are now right up against your ears. All ready!’

‘Thanks!’ cried Creamy, leaping to his feet and sprinting off, with the ear muffs hovering over his head like a couple of giant saucers.

Lennie put his paw up to his face to stifle a laugh, as he watched Creamy run. In another moment, the drill clutched in his paw, Creamy bent down to his task.

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