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Chapter 16

Creamy just kept on running, hearing nothing. Suddenly, he spotted two small paws waving above the ditch.

‘There you are!’ he roared with delight and fell on his knees by the side of the ditch.

‘You OK, Lennie? Here, let me help you out,’ he cried and clutching Lennie's paws, hauled him out of the ditch.

Covered in mud all over, Lennie looked a sorry sight.

‘You look a sorry sight!’ laughed Creamy.

‘Funny you should say that – standing here all dripping wet,’ laughed Lennie.

‘Now, now! Enough of this, you two!’

Lennie and Creamy jumped.

‘Do you realise what you've done?’ asked the foreman sternly.

‘Sorry, Lennie,’ whispered Creamy, ‘I didn't mean to…’

‘I know. You just don't know your own strength, Creamy, that's your trouble,’ said Lennie.

‘You can say that again!’ the foreman broke in. ‘and I for one won't have no bears coming here and making out they know what they're doing!’

‘We're really very sorry, but accidents will happen…’ tried Lennie.

‘Sure they will,’ the foreman agreed. But the damage will have to be paid for. Sorry, but that's how it is.’ And with that, he reached into his pocket and brought out a large wallet, bursting with money.

‘Now, let's see. You worked for three hours, so I owe you 21 eurodollars, right?

‘Yes, that's right, sir,’ said Lennie hopefully.

‘But you ain't going to get 21 eurodollars.’ I reckon it will cost at least 20 to repair that pipe - and that's what I am going to take out of your pay packet. That means you'll be getting just one eurodollar from me,’ said the foreman. ‘Here it is! Go on, take it! And be off with you, before I get really mad,’ he added.

‘Right, sir. Thank you, sir,’ said Lennie, taking the money.

Creamy sidled up to Lennie and mumbled: ‘All my fault, Lennie. Should've been more careful. And … er… I suppose we won't have any pistachio ice cream now…’

Lennie patted his paw and smiled. ‘Cheer up, Creamy, plenty of money for that. Come, let's find an ice-cream shop.’

‘Thanks, Lennie, you're the best!’ cried Creamy, and beaming all over his face, he followed Lennie, skipping along the street happily, his mouth already watering at the thought of his favourite ice cream.

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