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Chapter 23

‘No, how much?’

‘Millions and millions,’ said Lennie and clicked on the buy button. ‘Right! That's done, then; we've got some shares in a gold mine. When it's gone up in price, we click on sell and cash in – simple, isn't it.’

Creamy looked at the screen dubiously. ‘Well, I don't know. How d'you tell it's gone up?

‘Easy,’ said Lennie. As you can see on the screen, some prices are popping up in red and some in blue. Blue means the price is up.’

For a while, they both sat staring at the screen flashing blue and red.

‘How long is it going to take, Lennie?’ asked Creamy, his paw covering a big yawn. ‘Are we going to hang about here all day, just staring at the screen?’

‘If need be, yes. We need to watch really carefully, you know, for the prices can change in a flash.’

‘Oh, right. But do we both need to sit here? Surely, we could take it in turns.’

Lennie chuckled. ‘You're absolutely right, Creamy! And since I did all the work so far, it's your turn to do a bit now. So pin your eyes on the screen, rest your paw gently on the mouse, and be ready to click on the sell button.’

‘OK. Sell when blue, right?’

‘Exactly. I'll just potter round the corner and get us something nice for lunch.’

Lennie hurried out of the café. He walked briskly down the street till he found a fresh food shop. Ah! That’s more like it! he thought as he filled a bag with food he knew Creamy liked. Not like those awful cakes they have in the internet café!

Happy with his shopping, he was soon trotting back, looking forward to lunch with Creamy.

‘Hi, Creamy,’ he called out, ‘see what I've got for you!’ And then he gasped; and the brown bag slipped from his grasp at the sight before him: there was Creamy lying across the keyboard, fast asleep.

‘Creamy!!! Get off that keyboard at once! Creamy!’

At the sound of his name, Creamy jumped and smiled feebly. ‘Sorry, must have dozed off for a second.’

Speechless, Lennie stared at the screen. He put his paws to his head and rubbed his eyes; then he looked at the screen again. And then he looked at Creamy.

‘See what it says here?’ he cried. ‘Go on, read it. Read it – out loud.’

Creamy read: Your order status: SOLD.

‘Exactly. And see the price?! Practically zero! How did it happen?’

‘Well, I may have played around a little with the mouse before I fell asleep. Must have clicked on the wrong button… sorry,’ whispered Creamy looking crestfallen.

Lennie smiled and patted him on the back. ‘Cheer up, old thing. We’ll just have to think of some other way to make money for our ticket’

Creamy brightened up. ‘So you're not cross with me any more?’

‘No, no. Come to think of it, the internet café wasn't a good idea for us. I'll tell you what. I've still got a little money left, so let's go and have some lunch, shall we.

‘Yes, let's,’ beamed Creamy and followed Lennie out into the street.

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