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Chapter 3

‘You won't do something silly while I open this door, will you?’

‘Silly? Like what?’

‘Like running off.’

Creamy smiled. ‘As if! I am very comfortable where I am; of course I won't run off. In fact, I really like it here,’ he murmured, and closed his eyes.

Lennie stared at him suspiciously; then he shook his head, and tightened his grip.

‘Not even going to give you a chance to run,’ he muttered, and turning round, he put all his weight against the door and pushed. The door gave a little, but stayed shut. Lennie pushed harder; but every time the door opened a bit, it would slam shut again before he could get through.

Creamy opened his eyes and watched Lennie struggle, still smiling to himself.

‘Why don't you use your head!’

‘Eh?’ said Lennie.

‘Your head! Butt it with your head!’ advised Creamy.

‘Stupid idea!’ Lennie snorted. But all the same, he put his head down and butted the door hard. It flew open and Lennie tottered in, almost losing his grip on Creamy.

‘Told you so!’ cried Creamy, chuckling. Then he cleared his throat and burst into a song again. But this time, the whole world seemed to join in, and burst into a million stars around him.

It was not the song that did it - it was the lounge door: it had swung back as soon as they had passed through, smacking Creamy right on top of his head.

For a breathless moment, Creamy kept perfectly still. Then he opened his eyes cautiously. He could see nothing.

‘I am dead! I am dead!’ he screamed, and jumped to his feet.

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