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Chapter 4

But Lennie was not listening. He was beginning to feel a little dizzy himself after dragging Creamy all the way to the ship's lounge. He tried to stand up, but his legs were like jelly, and before he could take a step, he lost his balance and fell.

With an anxious cry, Creamy rushed over to his friend. Swiftly, he bent down, wound his arms around him, and swept him off the floor. For a moment, Lennie hung in the air, enveloped in a bear hug.

‘Let go, Creamy!’ he wheezed, ‘I can't breathe. Just let go….’

Creamy let go. There was a soft thud as Lennie hit the floor. He rolled over and closed his eyes.

‘Are you all right, Lennie?’

‘Yes, perfectly all right, thank you. Just keep away from me for a bit,’ said Lennie, opening his eyes slowly. ‘I need a rest.’

Creamy shuffled closer to his friend and bent over him, his nose almost touching Lennie's. ‘You sure you are all right? You don't look too good to me,’ he said. ‘In fact, you look awful!’

‘Thanks,’ Lennie smiled faintly, ‘that's nice to know. Anyway, I am perfectly fine. I told you I just need a rest; somewhere nice - and softer than this floor if possible,’ he added, putting out his paw for Creamy to help him up.

The next moment, Lennie was on his feet. His eyes lit up, as they swept round the ship's lounge.

Though small, the lounge was beautifully furnished. There were armchairs with lots of cushions, and even some footstools for extra comfort. There was also a large sofa by the porthole, which caught Lennie's eye.

‘Yes, I think that'll do nicely,’ he said. Cautiously, keeping his sore toe off the floor, he began to hobble towards it, refusing Creamy's offers to lean on him as he walked. He had had enough bear hugs for one day, he decided.

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